Monday, June 6, 2011

Days 172-341 Still Going Strong

So, living in the middle of nowhere without internet or steady power supply has really taken my posts down. The primary goal was still accomplished, people started examining the way they lived and the ways they could lighten their load on the environment. Hopefully it inspired enough people to start doing something, anything to make a positive impact. Trudi and I are still holding up the promise to make changes and keep changes for the entire 365 days. We've never been much for talking anyway, just doing. There are some things I miss and when the challenge is over, I may bend - though not break. Most improvements we will continue for the rest of our lives, especially with a baby on the way. Here are some highlights:
Camping vacations with the dogs.

Pickling some cucumbers from the garden.
Shooting the short: Kar Karma.

Growing fruits. I'll have to add updated pics from the garden.
Shooting an animation.