Friday, December 17, 2010

Days 156-171 Temps in the teens

Day 156 - salvage old wheelbarrow
Using some Rustoleum and buying a new tire, I've salvaged my father's old wheelbarrow for use on the 'stead.

Day 157 - Spread organic fertilizer
Contains chicken feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, and chicken poop.

Day 158 - Build a permanent reusable brooder
The temporary recycled box brooder couldn't stand up to the pullets knocking over their water, so using some recycled and some new wood, this should stand the test of time.

Day 159 - Build hoop houses for crops
As we dipped into the teens I had to insulate the crops. I am proud to say we didn't lose any plants.

Day 160 - Reuse rubber bands
Whole Foods, where Trudi works, uses rubber bands around many of their products. Instead of throwing them away at work, we reuse them for just about anything we need securing.

Day 161 - Adjust mini blinds on a schedule
During the days, the south facing mini blinds stay open during the day to gather heat, and closed at night to help insulate the windows.

Day 162 - Switch to BPA free shower curtain
Threw out the PVC and bought this bad puppy. Pretty.

Day 163 - Plant leftover seeds
Seeds go bad after a certain amount of time, and with the few empty patches of our raised beds, I filled them with some expiring seeds. We'll see if they can stand the cold?

Day 164 - Revive old propane tanks
The fact that we use propane bugs me a bit. But we do need heat at this time. Instead of buying new tanks, I grabbed a couple out of my fathers yard and put them to use.

Day 165 - Use Cubby for storage
As the homestead grows, so do the garden and building goods and tools. Instead of building a new shed, we're using my homemade camper for tool storage.

Day 166 - Use organic all natural lip balm
Out with the chemical stuff.

Day 167 - Tuck pants in when working
I was finding myself washing my work pants every other day, only to clean the bottoms. It gets kinda muddy. I threw fashion out of the window and started a new trend.

Day 168 - Fill fridge with water bottles
We have to put a supply of water in bottles every night so we have some water for washing, brushing, tea, coffee, dogs, birds, etc. The hose in to the house freezes, so we don't have any until about noon some days. Well, it's been a great advantage having this cold water placed in our fridge to help keep all of the contents cold when the fridge is off all night.

Day 169 - Reuse student binders and jewel cases
At the end of every semester I have a ton of students who don't pick up their work, delivered in binders and jewel cases. I will give them to my next classes for use on their projects, or colleagues who need to organize their own stuff.

Day 170 - Reuse, don't burn old shelves
I tore these shelves out of our house to build a dining table. They were in a pile to be burned until I found a great place for them in my shed to add an ounce of organization. Still needs a lot of work.

Day 171 - Use organic fish emulsion
Application of fish fertilizer, high in nitrogen should keep these plant thriving nicely.

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