Thursday, December 2, 2010

Days 147-155 Whoo it's cold!

Day 147 - Used only recycled weed-cloth
No more plastic crap!
Day 148 - No more vacuum
Thanksgiving cleaning. Beat out them rugs!
Day 149 - Build recycled wood table
Made from repurposed pine glued/screwed/nailed/sanded/coated, for our "dining room".
Day 150 - Get worms for composting
They're indoors underneath that pine "dining room" table until it warms up a bit. They do best above 57 degrees.
Day 151 - Use LED Christmas lights
At 1 Watt of running power, they spice up our cul-de-sac. And remember, the sun's paying for that watt, not the environment.
Day 152 - Plant some green manures
I planted some rye that can be turned under in the spring.
Day 153 - More chicks, made recycled brooder box
Box, wood shavings, feeders and newspapers all recycled.
Day 154 - Turn off the heater at night
Phew, we got down to 27 degrees last night, and bundled up under every blanket we own. In the tiny house it didn't get too bad, and who doesn't love snuggling?
Day 155 - Reuse buckets
On thanksgiving we went to my dad's and he offered me a bunch of old bucket. I put them to good use with compost, backup water for when our solar panel system gets drained and can't run the water pump, chicken feed, etc.
Pluggin' along! More projects this weekend.

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  1. Very excited to see the continued progress! Thank you so very much for sharing.