Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Days 123-145 Move into tiny home

Day 123 - Move into tiny home
It's been a busy moth, moving and getting used to the solar panel system. But, here goes the latest. 117 sq.-ft living... and loving it.
Day 124 - All papers due online
Let's get rid of paper use. My students now hand in all of their papers online.
Day 125 - Turn off fridge at night.
Stuff stays cold. Nothings gone bad yet this month.
Day 126 - Deliver tests online
Again trying to get rid of paper waste.
Day 127 - Use water filter over bottled water
Shouldn't be drinking water straight from our well, so we got a water filter that kills everything instead of what we were doing when we lived with a well last, filled plastic bottles at the grocery store.
Day 128 - Charge phones on the way to work
Engines running, let's use it. And it keeps us from charging our phones from home source.
Day 129 - Disconnect 19 gallon hot water heater and go with point of use
Day 130 - Charge computer and other batteries on way to/from work
No home-source use.
Day 131 - Buy recycled topsoil from building site
Trudi's birthday present this year was dirt.
Day 132 - Build raised garden beds
A continuation of Trudi's B-day present. It allows us to eat locally. Very local.
Day 133 - Turn all power off at night
We make sure there is 0.00 watts being used while we sleep. Talk about savings!
Day 134 - Buy chickens for free range eggs and fertilizer
I don't eat 'em, but Trudi does. I just wanted the fertilizer and entertainment.
Day 135 - Build coop from recycled wood
Day 136 - Buy smaller, more efficient USED washing machine
Have you aver tried doing laundry by hand? It was sad to get rid of our nice energy chomping washing machine, but this nice gentleman from U of F gave me a good deal. He's moving back to Korea. Nice boy, wish him well.
Day 137 - Plant organic veggies
I love fresh food.
Day 138 - No more paper products (except bathroom)
These organic cloth napkins made from recycled flour bags are so soft! And they clean up well in our new washer.
Day 139 - Hang dry all clothing
Stored away my dryer. Air, do your duty!
Day 140 - Once a month shaving (or longer)
I don't want to keep charging my razor. And I don't want to buy disposables. Maybe for Christmas I'll get a straight razor?
Day 141 - Build shelves from recycled wood
I used this wood for other stuff, now it's repurposed, and we have order in our lives.
Day 142 - Feed dogs all natural no-grain dog food
They were logs on their vegan diet. We spiced it up with free range chicken and no-grain dog food. They've got the pep back in their step. $60/bag is nuts though!
Day 143 - Spend more time outside than inside
On days I'm not working, I must spend more time outside than inside. I love this. It keeps me from watching college football on Saturdays, saving electricity and getting me much more productive around the land. I even get to watch my beautiful pets, as they watch each other.
Day 144 - Use manual tools whenever practical
Building these shelves and coop I used a hand saw as often as I could over my circular saw. Loved it, but still a bit sore.
Day 145 - Buy only "green" dental floss
Not that plastic stuff. Nope. Nylon with natural wax.
Day 146 - Chew natural gum
Ok, this is packaged crap. But, I do have to teach in front of up to 100 students a week, and that garlic squash I ate stinks me up.


  1. I just saw the article in Jacksonvile.com about your house and I love what you and your wife have done. I have for many years wanted to live off the grid and keep a self-sustainable home which we are slowly working towards.
    I was wondering about the chicken coop - I am getting ready to build one in the fall and I like the Aframe that you have - did you use any plans from somewhere or came up with you own?

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  3. Hi. I really applaud all that you are doing. My husband and I hope to be following in your footsteps.
    I just wanted to point out that in day 145, nylon is still plastic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nylon