Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 94-122 phew - 5 months - buzy

Day 94 - Assemble solar panel racks

Just another step in the process to independence.

Day 95 - Give out scripts online only, no printing

I've been working on a full length script with a friend and it's about 50 pages. We've got about 20 actors. Imagine if I were to print copies up for everyone. 1000 sheets of paper. On this note, the main character, played by Rick Colado, printed his script up on the back of already used paper - nice!

Day 96 - Buy only Mp3 music, no records, CDs

I wanted Ray Lamontagne's new album on vinyl - I went with electronic for the environment. And yes, I paid for it, I respect the musicians.

97 - Use iPhone planner over notebook

I was at a meeting and we were planning out future meetings, and everyone pulled out their notebooks (paper planners). I pulled out my iPhone and suggested this practice to others.

98 - Hand out schedules, breakdowns, etc. electronically online

With the movie I was talking about I had to make breakdown sheets, schedules for the entire cast and crew, and contact sheets. In the past I have given out hard copies to all parties. Not this time.

99 - Buy eco-friendly shoes

Working on these film sets I have killed my last past of shoes. I bought some new Saucony Jazz Vegan edition, made from canvas instead of dead animals.

100 - Make dog toys out of recycled materials

I was going to throw away a pair of socks with holes in the bottom and decided to make a dog toy instead. Lilly loves it.

101 - No individually wrapped food

No more will I buy individually package treats on the go. Instead I've been traveling with loose fruit. I also brought a bunch of fruit to the office.

102 - Hand in script assignments electronically

Using Blackboard I've been having my students handing in their assignments online.

103 - Put all class notes online

I am saving the students some note-taking and use of notebook paper by using Blackboard to share my lecture notes.

104 - Double sided exams

In the case that I need to hand out exams, I have started printing on both sides.

105 - No post-its - reuse paper for notes

I started using used grading sheets to leave posted notes on my door.

106 - Buy LED lights to replace CFLs

4Watts instead of 15Watts. Hopefully the $30 price tag will go down soon.

107 - Build and use composter

Finally got the composter built and threw my 5 gallon bucket of decomposing fruit and vegetable waste inside.

108 - Set up charge controller and inverter & hang panels

Looks so impressive. But, there's still work to do.

109 - Decline festival handouts

I had a student and an ex-student and friend with work in the Jacksonville Film Festival and when you go to the events they give out these huge informational booklets. I declined the book - too much paper.

110 - No more hand sanitizer

When the H1N1 scare was huge, our college put these hand sanitizers in every classroom and it sounded like a great idea. If you don't know the harmful chemicals involved. No more.

111 - Monitor appliance usage with meter

In order to figure out what needs to be cut back in energy usage, the Kill-A-Watt displays energy usage in kWH.

112 - Pull open shower curtain to dry instead of regular cleaning

Less cleaning is better for the environment, and my soft hands.

113 - Dual purpose car trips

I have been taking several trips to my soon to be house to work on the solar panels, plumbing, etc. I have packed the car for these trips so when it's time to move I don't need to take multiple trips. Just one for me and the dogs.

114 - Wire panels

Getting closer.

115 - Eating out, insist on glass, no paper

I was shooting a film this past weekend and we were editing at a buddy's house and I wanted to heat up some seitan, and he pointed to the paper plates for me to use, then reconsidered and gave me a glass plate. Thanks Matt.

116 - Connect batts and test PV system

Whoooooooooooooooo-Hooooooooooooooooo! Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeee! Off the grid Holmes! It works!

117 - No more Wite-Out

IOne of my 8 week classes just ended and grades are due. I screw up a bit when tallying up grades and always fix them before they're due. Up until now I used Wite-Out to fix them, now I just cross out the wrong one and write the new one over. That stuff's toxic.

118 - Take small notes in margins on both sides of paper

So I've been in a ton of meetings lately. And I've had a lot of folks giving me handouts at meetings. Instead of using my lined notebook I've been writing note in margins and on the backs of pages.

119 - Use recycled set dressing

My students were building a set for the inside of a beehive, and instead of buying new materials, we built it out of recycled boxes.

120 - Deliver instruction online

I had to teach the Coast Guard about video shooting techniques. Instead of everybody (including me) driving to the lesson we delivered it online using Tricaster. I will continue to explore this.

121 - Recycle boxes for moving

Due to our membership to Jax Natural Food Coop we get our groceries in big, strong reused boxes. Instead of throwing them out, I've been saving them. This weekend we're moving and the boxes are getting a third life.

122 - Monitor PV electric usage

That's my pops in the photo and in front of him is the Inverter that turns DC electricity into AC and vice-versa. Cool thing is, it also has a wattage meter to show us exactly how much electricity we're using at any given time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 78-93 Going solar

Day 78 - Buy only fair trade vegan sugar

Day 79 - Switch to natural insect control
With all of our fruit and veggie purchases we have a problem with fruit flies. I should say, had! A cup full of apple cider vinegar with saran wrap covering poked with holes works like a miracle.

Day 80 - Switch to natural toothpaste
From Aquafresh to Tom's, Trudi reluctantly switched with me.

Day 81 - Build shed in Middleburg
In an attempt to get off the grid, I built the shed out in Middleburg so we have a place to store tools, etc when we move back into our 117 square foot home. WHAT? Yep.

Day 82 - Design solar system
Before I buy this stuff, I need to figure out what we need. I've designed one that's about 1000W that should supply about 200kWh/month. On our last electric bill that's where we were. Woot. Double woot for a $10 electric bill.

Day 83 - Insist on green gifts for me
Ah my birthday. I requested only green gifts. So I got a vegan pizza from Trudi, and an ecomposter from the pops. Looks cool. Can't wait to use it.

Day 84 - Reuse all cooking oil
We only cook veggies, so we decided to just reuse our cooking oil, saving oil.

Day 85 - Order solar off grid system
Oi. This hurt. Very expensive. Had to rob Peter to pay Paul for this one.

Day 86 - Pick up solar system
I couldn't fork $600 for shipping, so I had to drive down to Miami and pick up the goods. Wouldn't fit. Had to scoot my seat all the way forward and drive back to Jax with my arms through the steering wheel and knees on the pedals. Glad I lived.

Day 87 - Green event involvement
Lit a free concert on 5 acre farm for all to give up the mass consumption of packaged bar and restaurant crap. Great low impact way to spend a weekend night.

Day 88 - Switch kitchen soap over to Dr. Bronner's
It's fair-trade organic all-natural. Nuff said.

Day 89 - Compost all veggie scraps
Grabbed an old bucket to store all veggie scraps until we move.

Day 90 - Switch to organic teas
Had to give up the luzianne.

Day 91 - Turn desktop background to black
Uses less electricity

Day 92 - Switch to natural facial soap - Trudi
Trudi gave up the acid chemical washes, whoo hoo.

Day 93 - Buy wood for solar rail instead of plastic
It's renewable and I've got some scraps.