Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Days 76-77 Daily life stuff

Day 76 - Natural laundry detergent
Yesterday Trudi did the laundry, and to a bit of relief we finally finished up our chemical detergent last week, so we could evolve and purchase Ecover's natural laundry detergent. They use plant based ingredients, it's quickly and completely biodegradable, has minimum to no impact on aquatic life and it was never tested on animals.

Day 77 - Wrap and reuse aluminum
I was always right in thinking aluminum is fairly abundant, so never worried to much about it. But the mining harms the environment and the process of manufacturing it is quite energy intensive, so I washed off last night aluminum and rerolled it.

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  1. Day 76 makes us happy! So glad you are free now to use Ecover's ecological laundry products. We'd love to hear how you like them once you've done a few loads!
    -Deb for Ecover