Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Days 50-56 The Workplace

Day 50 - Get a greener job
With my job starting back up this week, Trudi has been on the hunt for a new job. She took this challenge as an opportunity to find a greener job. She started her new job at Whole Foods this week. Congrats.

Day 51 - Bring organic homemade goods to get-togethers
This weekend friends and I got together to make a short film and I wanted to bring snacks and drinks. The last time we did this I brought plastic packaged chips, bottled waters, etc. This time around I made zucchini bread and brought reused glass bottles to refill with water.

Day 52 - Greener filmmaking
I've spent the last 20 years making videos by shooting on tapes. I would buy tapes, shoot on
them and stash them in the attic. What a waste. With us shooting a film this weekend, we decided to shoot on cameras that record all of the video information on reusable compact flash cards. It's a small step with large implications.

Day 53 - No more disposable static cling
Trudi and I have started using chemical free "Static Eliminator" sheets. They are cloth
sheets that can be reused over 500 times. Not only are we reducing chemical usage and garbage, we're saving money from having to buy disposables. And YES, they work extremely well.

Day 54 - No more paper towels at work
I have sewn together some organic cotton cloth divided up from kitchen towels to bring to work in my back pocket. Now when I go to the restroom and wash my hands, I no longer reach for the paper towels. I reach into my back pocket for my towel and dry away. It feels and smells better too.

Day 55 - Greener workplace
I am in the process of moving campuses into a brand new office and classroom space. It definitely has it's downfalls, having to pack, lift, drive, and say good bye to all my South Campus buddies. It has the advantage of new construction. One of the plusses I suggested has been implemented, the use of motion detector light switches. They turn on when you enter the room, and if no motion is detected they turn off after 15 seconds.

Day 56 - Stainless steels reusable bottles
I was using old glass bottles to bottle up my tea that I bring to work. The caps inevitably last about a week before they begin to leak, and I have to buy new glass containers with lids. What a waste! I bought 2 stainless steel bottles and began using them today, and I think they'll last the entire school year.

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