Friday, August 13, 2010

Days 41-44 Become active in the community

Day 41 - Use natural dish soap
First let me state that is great. I have since changed my donation location to Tree Hill Nature Center. I didn't know I could donate my clicks there. Enjoy Chris and Mark.

I used to use Ecover natural dish soap. The fact that I switched to the cheapest possible soap made me lose sleep at night. I am glad to be back. It's made with plant based and mineral ingredients. It's fast and completely biodegradable, has minimum impact on aquatic life, and
there's no animal testing.

Day 42 - Use natural dish sponge
So I've got the great Ecover using a plastic based sponge. Ironic. So, I switch to the all natural biodegradable Twist loofah sponge. It's unbleached, undyed, totally plant based and compostable!

Day 43 - Join food co-op
I joined Jacksonville Natural Foods. It's a community run buying club that provides access to high quality organic and natural foods. They purchase their foods from local farms and warehouses, which eliminate the senseless travel and associated environmental carbon cost of shipping unused item. They purchase and ship in cases only upon what's ordered. Members pick up there food at a church (though they are not affiliated with any religion) when shipments are in. Their motto is "eat green, live green... for less". Seems like the shoe fits. I'll keep you all updated.

Day 44 - Community activism
I have recently become the Artist in Residence at Tree Hill Nature Center, and I don't take this lightly. I am honored to be a part of an organization with a focus on environmental protection and awareness. Along with Chris Robertson of Tree Hill, I am putting together a film festival showcasing films with a focus on environmental improvements and activism. My hope is that it touches enough people that decide on their own to make a few changes toward a better future. I look at it as the "pass-it-forward" idea. I'll keep this updated as it evolves.


  1. Just want to let you know this is very interesting to read and its giving me ideas on how I can clean up my act as well. Keep it up amigo!