Monday, August 9, 2010

Days 37-40 Do good

Day 37 - Pick up garbage

I went to the San Marco library on Friday and parked on the side of the public park. I looked over the fence and saw the remains of a party, empty Solo cups on the ground along with Twinkie rappers etc. Instead of walking back toward the library I spent about 2-3 minutes picking up the trash in the park and disposing of it. I also made the promise to myself to pick up trash when I saw it, making my environment a little cleaner with every effort.

Day 38 - Use GoodSearch

Deep into the second month of this challenge I find myself visiting Google whenever I'm at the computer, about twice a week, at the library or at work. I'm searching for green changes, no 'poo recipes etc. Well, it was from that same google engine I found out about
It's a search engine powered by yahoo that donates money to a charity of your choice, every time you type in a search. So bye, bye Google, hello GoodSearch. My charity is Volunteer Jacksonville, a local volunteering service. They donate 50% of their advertising revenue to the charities and schools selected by the users.

Day 39 - Create projects that reuse

Trudi has taken apart one of our tired couch pillows and started quilting together (with fabric from trash destined clothing) brand new pillow covers. This is only the beginning of the reuse projects. More to come.

Day 40 - Quit magazine subscriptions

I just got the notice that my Mother Earth News subscription is up and it is time to renew at a discounted price. All the paper and CO2 that go into the making and shipping of it made me reconsider this thrifty offer. Now when I need to read up on the latest beekeeping or homesteading news I'll just have to get it online, or check out the library's copy of the magazine.

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