Friday, August 6, 2010

Days 33-36 Travel

Day 33 - Reuse towels and sheets at hotels

With the cancellation of cable at the apartment, out went the internet too, so I've had a hard time trying to update this page. When work starts back up I'll be on computers, and be able to update regularly.

I went out of town this week and decided to bring the challenge with me. Before I left hotel on Monday, I placed the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door. This prevented the maids from picking up my once used towel and sheets and washing them. It also kept them from spraying everything down with chemicals to clean it, at least for the length of my stay. I kept the sign on the door the entire stay.
Day 34 - Bring your own drinks for travel

I could have stopped at gas stations and restaurants for drinks and snacks along my journey, but that would produce a ton of garbage and useless packaging (often plastic). Instead, the night before I left town I made 4 gallons of tea, placed them in reused gallon containers, and placed them in a cooler for the trip. I also brought a mug to drink out of. They lasted me the entire trip, as did the oranges, which required no packaging.
Day 35 - Research and eat only at local and socially responsible restaurants when traveling

It's easy to stick to local restaurants when in Jacksonville, I know the area. When out of town it's easy to just stop in to a Quiznos and grab a little sandwich, which I almost did. Then I remembered this challenge and decided to do some research. Ethos Vegan Restaurant is amazing!
Day 36 - Drive the speed limit

Driving home, I wanted to get there as soon as possible. I also know the drawbacks, besides getting a hefty speeding ticket. When you speed, you waste gas - and emit more carbon dioxide. Driving the speed limit on the freeway can help avoid over 1,000 pounds of CO2 pollution a year. It also saves money at the pump. You can save over $130 a year just by slowing down.

Another note - I haven't turn the hot water dial on my shower in weeks. The cold showers are so refreshing. I would make this one of my promises, but I'm afraid of the cold winter days with no hot water.

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  1. In Venezuela we only showered with cold water...making your own drinks and snacks get's an A.