Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 month - woohoo

Day 29 - Navy showers

I got the well done in Middleburg ($2K later). I explain to my neighbor that I didn't really want the well, I want to use rain catchment for all of our water use. He told me "now you don't need to worry about it, you've got a bottomless well." I didn't want to get into my explanation in 115 degree heat index, but maybe someday in the near future. He also warned me about the pump getting stolen, so I'll have to build a pumphouse.

As for the challenge we have shortened our showers to 2-5 minute Navy showers. I didn't have to change a thing, sorry Trudi.

Day 30 - Use towels at least 7 times before washing them

I usually wash my one and only towel once every 2-3 weeks. The humidity and lack of air conditioning has our towels getting stinking a bit sooner. So... 1 towel, 1 week, and wash.

Day 31 - Reduce shaving to twice a week

Whoohoooo. 1 month into it, and looking forward to the next 11. I got that pumphouse built, in the rain. Hopefully it secures the pump enough from being stolen.

I use an electric shaver. I had a tough time selecting it. If I were to use disposable razors, I would be throwing away plastic every week, buying more. I would also be using water to shave. I've had my electric razor for years without replacing anything. Works like a charm. If I shave every day though, I have to charge the razor weekly. If I reduce the shaving to twice a week, I will only have to recharge once every month, using a quarter of the electricity.

Day 32 - LED Flashlights only

I will no longer use battery sucking bulb flashlights. LED only.

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