Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Days 26-28 Dark mornings, Organic fair-trade coffee, No coffee pot

Day 26 - No light mornings

Now that our Septic system has passed inspection, I went down to Clay County offices to ask them what I needed next in order to get building permits. They said we needed well permits, passed. I told them I was planning on using rain catchment devices instead, and they said "No
building permits without a well inspected and passed." So much for a completely "green" home. He also gave me the wink, as if after we passed all inspections we could just not use the well. That said, I talked to a few drillers, and came up with a fairly good deal on a well, to get us moving along on our house. I signed some papers, and he said he'd call when it was done. I'm quietly hoping he doesn't call until Friday, when Trudi gets paid, as finances are a bit tight. We'll see.

As for the challenge, we've decided to leave the lights off for our morning routines. It's actually quite nice.

Day 27 - Buy only Organic, Fair-Trade certified, shade grown coffee

I had given up coffee for a while, for no real reason, but to do it. But with all of the books I've been reading about couples homesteading, talking about morning cups of coffee, I've been really wanted to wake up to a fresh cup. Money makes it hard not to buy the crap chemical laden coffee that was grown by poor farmers that can't afford to put their own food on the table. So I just bought less coffee.
Day 28 - No coffee maker

From now on, I'll only use a french press for my coffee. Unplug.


  1. I feel you on the coffee dilemma, we drink so much of it that we have had the "oranic fair trade vs. cheap stuff" argument every time we visit the grocery store together. Luckily, though, organic and fair trade are starting to be more common in grocery stores and MUCH less expensive than a couple of years ago.

    Here's a question: how are you heating your water for your press? I read that you're not using the stove anymore...?

    We started percolating instead of using a drip maker a few months back. The idea of heating plastic and drinking BPA (etc) every time I had a cup of coffee freaked me out a little. And I knew too little about the press to try that, it seemed a little complicated ;)

  2. I don't know if fair trade is getting cheaper or the cheap stuff is getting more expensive? The least amount of electricity I can use is in the microwave for 30 seconds. I put the water in a glass jar to microwave.

  3. That's a great point... the cheap stuff must be getting more expensive. I like to grind our own from the big dispensers at our local store. I just save and reuse the paper baggie and place the new pricing stickers just on top of the last one.

    Enjoying the blog! keep up the good work!