Saturday, July 17, 2010

Days 14-16 NO 'POO, no oven, no trash

Day 14 - No Trash - ok.... less trash
We decided to reduce our trash from (3) 13 gallon bags every 2 weeks to one every two weeks. That's huge for our landfills. And all it takes is shopping smarter. We cut out veggies from cans or freezer, to only loose veggies in the produce section. We've cut down on all packaged products, especially plastic packaged products. Slow down that petroleum produced bottling. It would be nice to reduce the trash to none, but that's going to have to come with time. This week we only have about a quarter of the 13 gallon bag full.

Day 15 - No oven, big burners
We decided to do without the energy drain known as the oven for this year, along with the large burners on our stove. Not only do they eat kilowatts, they warm the apartment beyond torture temps.

Day 16 - No 'Poo
Ok what? I don't mean I'm going to hold my #2 for the year. It's short for no shampoo. The first reason to go "no 'poo" is for your own health, the toxic chemicals just aren't good for you. And if their not good for you, they're certainly not good to drain into our sewage system. Then there's the packaging, of little plastic bottles that we have to keep throwing into our trash.
"But isn't my hair going to feel all greasy?" Nope. After a few days your body gets used to the lack of washing and regulates the oils quite well. On Wednesday this week, I had a video shoot outside in Hanna park in 90+ degree 100% humidity weather, and came home that night drenched in sweat. Stinky. On Thursday morning I had to teach a workshop at 8:30 AM, and had to smell good. I grabbed a 1/2 tbs of baking soda, massaged that into my wet scalp, rinsed and followed with watered down apple cider vinegar, and "Wallaah!"
Here's the deal - 1/2 tbs baking soda in a 1/2 cup of water, dump on head, massage and rinse
1/2 tbs apple cider vinegar in a 1/2 cup water, dump on head, massage and rinse.
And do this only when you need to. It healthier to wait a few days between. I teach, so I can't walk around full classroom like 'Pigpen' from Peanuts. Also, by combing your hair out daily, you spread the oils evenly through your hair. I'll take a photo of my hair in a few days to show you how much better my hair looks.


  1. Hey there! Can you put up a picture of your hair? And how do you do any cooking without a stove or oven? I like to make casseroles and fry eggs and lots of things that I can't imagine doing without those two.
    I don't use a microwave at all, but I don't get the oven thing.

  2. Try a solar oven for your baking needs and a rocket stove for your cooktop needs. Both are used outside and require only the sun for the solar oven and a few sticks for the rocket stove.