Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 7 - No wrapping paper, recycled or not.

I am trying to make this relevant to my daily life as much as possible. Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary, and with that I got Trudi a gift. It was a repurposed gemstone made into a necklace by a "green" company. (I am going to get sick of saying "green" by the way) Afterwards I was in a grocery store picking up some organic pure cane sugar and I passed by the greeting card section and noticed some nice recycled wrapping paper. I thought "this would be perfect for A Greener Boese". As I bent down to pick it up I thought "no, this had to be manufactured, shipped, stocked, etc., and what would happen to it after we used it?... This would be only be 90% as bad as using regular wrapping paper." Happy about my brains fast response time, I scooted from the store with my sugar and the promise of eliminating wrapping paper from my life for the remainder of this challenge. Trudi would get the necklace sans wrapping paper. The delightful aspect of finding things to "green" our lives every day, is that I can save some of the ideas of future changes for days when my brain will otherwise be occupied. I am sure there will be days when I ask for suggestions, but as for now I can fill a few months with ideas jotted down (such as a future of "No 'Poo" - more to come later).

By the way, it's hard to not accidentally flush the toilet after peeing. I had to tape a guard above the flush handle so I would not instinctively flush after every trip to the toilet.


  1. Instead of "green" you could switch it up with eco-friendly, earth friendly or ummm - lol green. Not many choices. However, for the wrapping part - cloth and ribbon make a nice wrapping. And we also purchase gift bags instead of paper. Yes, it's still paper - but we keep them event after event and just re-use them. But for her necklace - I definitely think a square of soft fabric with a velvet or silk ribbon. Or a cloth pouch.


  2. Oh man, I like the reused cloth idea.