Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 20-21 No air conditioning! and bio-bags

Day 20 - No more Air Conditioning

Three weeks into it, and we finally turned of the AC yesterday.. for good. For those of you reading this in New York or wherever, that's a big deal, especially in a week where our heat index has been well over 100 degrees every day. With the help of an oscillating fan that runs on 30 watts, not to shabby. I've been helped along by the fact that I've been working outside in this weather with no shade all week trying to get my septic system done. So when I get home, indoors (shade), it feels cool(ish) anyway.

Day 21 - Bio bags

En route to my "green" house, I waited all day outside for the Clay County inspector to show up and inspect my septic system. He said he'd be there first thing. Well at about 10:30 the guys that hauled their big equipment out there to finish the plowing after it passes inspection called the inspector. "Oh he's in a meeting until 1:30, he'll have to come over then." So the poor guys do a little flattening, and one gets sent home for the day. At about 2:30 still no word. So the remaining excavator calls and they tell him, they'll try and get out there tomorrow. So, a days worth of "work" and nothing to show for it. I'll keep you updated.
As for the daily challenge, it's garbage day (the now every-other week garbage day), and I've switched to Bio-bags. They're made from GMO-free corn crops, with no polyethylene and they're compost certified to compost rapidly and safely among many other positive things.

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  1. Unfortunately, your Biobags are helping to cause all corn food products too go sky high from grits to cornmeal to your chicken feed and on and on. People don't realize this.