Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 17-19 No elevators, front-load washers, recycle batts

Day 17 - No elevators

On Saturday I went to the downtown library to pick up the books "Better Off", "Plenty", and "Not Buying It", to further my Green research, and almost by habit wandered over to the elevator to take the trip to the third floor where the non-fiction section sits. I thought, "Hey", this would a wonderful change for th
e better. No more elevators. This may not seem
a big deal, but my new office has an elevator directly outside of it to take me to the floor where I will park my car every day. I will walk around to the stairs, as I did to the 3rd floor at the library on Saturday.
Day 18 - Use only front load washers

Yeah they cost a bit more, but they use half the energy, and 1/3 t
he amount of water as the top-load type. I never thought about it, because in our house we have a front-load washer, but now that we are using the laundromat we have to wait until the front-loaders are unoccupied. They have 16 top-loaders and only 4 front-loaders. BUT, we'll wait, as we did yesterday.
Day 19 - Recycle batteries

We are only buying recyclable batteries, so don't get the wrong idea. But, when we moved into our apartment there was a container of dead batteries sitting on the fridge. I didn't know what to do with them until I started researching ways to recycle them. Solution: Batteries Plus...? Not so fast. I went to Batteries Plus and handed them my bucket and, they handed it right back. "We don't take those, you can just throw them in the trash, unless you have rechargeable or lithiums." I gave them my lithiums and explained that I don't really care that it's legal to throw them in the trash, I'd still rather not send them to a landfill. They worked with me to find the Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Commonwealth Ave. So, after I checked out the progress on my septic tank installation, I split up to Commonwealth and dropped the batteries off. They asked for my license to prove my residence and took them and sorted them with other Alkaline batteries.

As for the septic progress, I paid extra for them to use the dirt from the property instead of trucking dirt in from out of town. Weird how that works.

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