Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 13 - inflate tires

Yesterday I took out my tire pump and decided to increase gas milage by up to 4% in our vehicles by inflating the tires to their max psi. I hooked up the pump to our Smart car and and turned it on. At some point from the last time I used it until yesterday it broke, and I didn't know. So about 1 minute after I hooked it up and turned it on, we had a flat tire on the Smart car. Of course I decide to do this about 10 minutes before Trudi had to go to work. Well, I scrambled and fixed the flat and got all tires up to their max psi all in time for her to get to work only a couple minutes late. I then proceeded to increase the tire pressure in the Golf. I will continue to do this at least once a month for the next year, and hopefully for ever. There is free air at the Hess on Phillips Hwy and Emerson for those that want to follow suit. Make sure you have your own tire pressure gauge though. They cost anywhere from 99 cents to $5 at an auto part store.
Day one of the "No 'Poo" experiment went well. I will soon implement and explain.

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