Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 12 - recycle... better... and more

"What? You don't recycle?" No we are recyclers. Here's the deal. Jacksonville no longer gives out recycle containers to residents. So you've got to put a brown bag by the curb for them to pick it up. Good luck with that in a dog, cat, and raccoon neighborhood. Todays challenge was to find a blue recycle container for our recyclables (I know we used to have one), so we would recycle more. We also did research on what types of products to buy over others, based on what's recyclable here in Jacksonville. I also visited Grassroots, Native Sun, and Whole foods, to see if any of them carried bulk soaps, shampoos, etc., to eliminate packaging. I've saved up glass containers that would be great to fill up with liquid soaps, etc. and not have to buy in plastic containers. Poo on all of them, none. We need a sustainable co-op!
Back to the recycle bin. I had to go to my land in Middleburg yesterday to meet with a septic system installer. I told him I didn't really want a septic system. I'd rather use a composting toilet and reuse the rest of the water we use as greywater to water the eventual garden. He said, "Man that sounds great. I hear ya.... But they won't let you do it here". He recommended the most eco-friendly of the bunch, and told me of a few ways to work around it, after it's been inspected and approved. Great. Then he told me he had to bring in 16 trucks of dirt to build the mound for the system. At this point, I explained the whole idea of why I wanted to reuse my greywater. It was to conserve water, and in turn save a dose of the environment. Having 16 trucks transporting from dirt to here is not good. Plus it's $175 a truckload. I asked him "what's wrong with the dirt under our feet? Can't you just dig it and place it?" Well this brought up his "excavation business". He pointed from the front of the property to about 40 feet back from there and said, "I can get a couple truckloads from this, but it'll cost $1000 and we'll still need the rest brought in". Oh my. This is where we left off, with him going to get a permit for the work. I was left there for my brain to stew on how I'm going to come up with the funds so he doesn't have to truck in loads of dirt. Pissed as I was I went into my teardrop camper I built to pull out a shovel and "shazam" there was our old recycling container from a past address. Recycle. Now.

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